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Bob Boyce Resonant Toroid

Regardless of anyone's opinion of Bob Boyce (and yes I have my complaints), he has given a decent amount of publicly available information on TPU-related (scalar) theory.  While I wish he would disclose the details about his HEXFET controller , and how to induce scalar potential into a toroid, he has disclosed information regarding resonant electrolysis of water in order to exceed Faraday's 'law'.

Bob Boyce Frequency Heterodyning via a Toroid

Boyce suggests we can electrolyze water very efficiently (multiples of Faraday yield) via resonance at F, F/2, and F/4, with the frequency heterodyning occuring via pulsed DC into an iron-powder core toroid.  (As a side not, I'll mention this is different from Steven Meyer's HV method.)  Anyways, in Bob's main publicly available controllers designs for this, he does not include the ability to self-tune the frequencies (so they are exact multiples) , nor does he include the ability for phase control (frequencies at specific phase offsets).

Bob Boyce Electrolyzer

But apparently down this path Bob Boyce took towards TPU-like scalar energy , of precise frequency control and heterodyning, lies the ability to induce scalar waves in the toroid, possibly with some sort of rotating magnetic or scalar component.  This is the part Bob does not want to share, apparently because it's too 'dangerous' or whatever.  Pardon me, but last time I checked this world was completely f*cked , and a few EM scalar runaways, lightning strikes, and/or localized spacetime curvatures are a small price to pay to liberate mankind.

Bob Boyce Heterodyning

Official Boyce Transformer Primary for Electrolysis

Bob Boyce Electrolysis secondary

From what I've read, Bob Boycegot mad at people at for attempting replication of phenomenon related to his HEX controller (also for electrolysis), specifically with those related to anamalous overunity battery charging phenomenon.

Here are Bob's quotes regarding why he revoked his research, consent, and help:

The investor that was going to finance the manufacture and sales of those production units was made aware of this site by another party, and he has withdrawn. He was the one that sent me here to see what has transpired. I want to thank you for ruining all that I have worked so hard to achieve.

Bottom line is, no international patents means no products and no disclosures. Everyone loses. I will take the intimate details of this design to the grave with me if I must.

Bob Boyce

Bob Boyce gets mad at overunity replicators because of his pending patents

In my opinion, this is really really selfish.  But what do I know.  I'd be pissed too if I got implanted with a carcinogenic microchip at someone else's lab.  Anyway, so the gist of it is, Bob may have replicated the TPU or TPU-like energy , but he's not willing to share.   I , on the other hand, am willing to share what I know and what I've discovered and researched.

Bob Boyce Scalar Toroid

There is a document floating around describing how Bob Boyce enhancing his water-splitting heterodyning setup further, which basically involved creating a TPU-like toroid overunity device.  I have no proof it works, nor do I have any proof that the information is legit and not disinformation, other than the fact Bob has said it won't work (which, ironically, lends it credibility in my eyes).  But it's a place to start.

The Bob Boyce Toroidal Power Unit

--^ everyone needs to read this , experiment, and decide for themselves if it's legit TPU-like behavior and information.

The document describing Bob Boyce's scalar toroid is linked above, some of which I know he posted personally on the internet.  I know Boyce does not want this info out it seems.  Here are some images from that document for TPU replicators.   Notice it involves a biasing B-field on the toroid as well as Tesla-like longitudinal windings.  (remember Tesla's scalar energy bifilar collectors?) 

Official Boyce Transformer Primary for Electrolysis

TPU-like Scalar winding and/or Biasing B-Field !

TPU-like Scalar winding and/or Biasing B-Field

TPU-like Scalar winding and/or Biasing B-Field

TPU-like Scalar winding and/or Biasing B-Field

TPU-like Transverse windings

TPU-like dependence upon EARTH HEMISPHERE

Bob Boyce TPU toroid biasing B-field for operation (fits with Naudin experiments)

Bob Boyce TPU Phase Timing.  This is probably why TPU phase control is so important.

Bob Boyce TPU supposed schematic

Bob Boyce TPU secondary

Okay well that's all for now.  Make sure you check out the Bob Boyce TPU PDF!   I'm not sure how much (if any) is legit TPU research, but it needs to be evaluated and discussed, and may make a useful point of departure.    My personal opinion is that at least 60-70% of the information in the PDF is legit -- especially the stuff not related to the hypothetical 3D diagrams (which might be incorrect).

I'd follow the words Bob is saying very carefully.

The Bob Boyce Toroidal Power Unit

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