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HHO switching at Resonance

vanov vyvíjač hydrogen

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After a long involvement in various tests I concluded that so far the best way decomposition of water is a system that předkládám.Časem here, of course, could be another possible option-D is still dál.Jinak I was forced for reasons of time to publish this, thanks to some unpleasant realities and a variant ala Meyer seems impossible to me yet and I think it is in Scifi.Jen remember this description:


XOGEN. Super efficient electrolysis. The conversion of water into hydrogen and oxygen on demand. When water is put into its own molecular resonant frequency, [different frequency] 10 ranges above 620HZ, 630HZ, 12kHz, and 42.8 kilo-hertz to 40 kilovolts at around a MILLIAMPER {40watts}, its component dissociates water into hydrogen and oxygen part. Production is 20 times as larger as normal electrolysis. [Discovery doctor.Andrija Puharich, Yul BROWN, STANLEY MEYER,.] Already in this statement is clear, it's that simple nebude.Kdo knows Ohm's law R = U / I know that water is not so much resistance R and obtain current 1 mA at 40 kV is nereálné.Znáte themselves from their experiments, which will join the MV into the water actually goes into fault immediately, thanks to conductivity vody.Jinak frequencies are well shown in the table of resonance frequencies of John Kelly, where the basic rate of dissociation of water is 42.8 kHz, and that there are and the harmonic kmitočty.Tak just on the edge in terms Meyera.Nic But in this world is finite and only time will show! You may have noticed in our experiments with electrolysis, that whenever the device is switched on from the beginning consisted of more gas and over time, everything changed again in our famous "Sumako" But again přepolujete their equipment, the situation is again repeated at the beginning of a larger development of gas for some time and his performance again klesne.Takže why not take advantage of this phenomenon and to adapt to this phenomenon when this water accepts this fact, an alternate frequency, generated from the DC napětí.Navíc it has the advantage that the electrodes are clean and wear evenly.

The electrodes we use known Iv + 0 - 0 +, which, however, in this connection will alternate polarity:

+ 0 - and 0 + - 0 + 0 -. For the conductivity, of course, deliver or KOH NaH.Regulaci current (supply) and you can not drive, so you know you can be involved in pulsně.Zatím reversing, ie Reverse polarity to perform relay, which will be dominated by a simple circuit NE555 and so that you can use the outlet of our involvement in the integrated circuit Iv and the first (at left) will take to pin No.3 Relay 6-12V =. Just use a larger value capacitor © for longer times. Reverse polarity electronic form I have missed, but I know that our hands are handy and can get.

Iv. electrodes

The overall idea of ​​this method is shown below.

Here is a mechanical arrangement for stationary equipment.

The vyvíjača builds through the upper gas tube that connects the car to the suction filter for the gas escaping out then it is possible to sidetrack car burns petrol and gas.

The overall arrangement of stationary equipment, like me, who now works.


When I recently viewed and studied the new equipment, I came across on the Net on the device, which is in principle very close to ours. Who can put this into better shape, I like including diagrams, at least everything is spread over more people and thus help to me from some pretty serious and nepříjemností.Kdo think understand how I am thinking to get out of it. I thank everyone here on the forum for help.Simple is success!

Author Ivan involvement.

More possible involvement

Dvojtranzistorové engagement

This generator has a very simple mechanical and electrical construction of the site. The test is able to deliver 2 liters of gas per minute at power 8V/10A and the pulse power, the working cycle is 90/10%. This means that the 80W power consume 10% less energy, the same evolution of gas tj.70W . The test is still a good ratio of 80/20%.

The entire generator is made up of stainless steel pipe (non-magnetic) and is actually a compact generator unit container. This eliminates any bonding containers and boxes.Also, this compact unit is mechanically reliable against random pressures and also for motorists to be an ideal opportunity to put the boot, because all known when stopped by police. Also, the financing costs are downloaded to up to a minimum.

Farther already know from the experience of copying various patents, for the most part, this device does not work as described. This is done intentionally, it omits a small but significant detail or other detail added. They are protective reasons, most of whom disagree with, especially in the free energy, even from an environmental perspective, etc. Think of the Meyer tube generators. Yes, the outer stainless steel tube, but the middle of the wrought iron, and that Mr. Meyer used the water from the tap, but that was concealed beneath the PH7 and so many people after testing all outlawed and eventually turned it on technology. the public against him.

According to the enclosed picture was clear generator design and technical detailing on each of the Vás.Uvedu here only the most important variables that are necessary for good funkci.Na picture shows a very simple connection napájení.Odpadají Various gland or screw things spoje.Nejdůležitější power is a plus half of the packaging container generator and minus half the median elektrodu.Střední electrode is made ​​of steel pipes neuhlíkaté, colloquially speaking, as the old saying blacksmiths - wrought iron.
Steel for forming a unified name for all malleable iron produced in a liquid state. The application is divided into structural and instrumental music, by chemical composition is divided into carbon steel and alloy ... They make malleable iron containing low carbon content and it is wrought iron with a carbon content below 2%. In the upper part of the drill holes electrodes for the passage of gas, which will lead us into an established safety komponentům.Základní set is from the outlet of the generator: the safety check valve, probublávačka ... The use of electrolyte in the case of secondary iron electrode acidic electrolyte. Acidic solutions is reflected in the content freely dissolved iron ions ... so here it is possible to use this materiál.Pro acidity and basicity scale is from 0 to 14 pH with a pH value of 7 corresponds to a neutral solution. Lower values ​​indicate the solution acidic or alkaline values ​​higher alkalický.V my case I used a crystalline citric acid. Minimum generators should not be less than 300mm.Průměr is not critical and depends on the total surface area of electrodes, which you použít.Rozměr gaps can be from 3mm-10mm, then you can adjust the conductivity roztoku.Čím smaller space, so then there is a high flow, and decomposition is interrupted, it is the reverse of knowledge than you zvyklí.Pro tests I used the inner tube 16 mm and 24 mm stainless steel.


Schema generator power control is applied to the image and is known to us used a simplified circuit with duty cycle timer 555.Používám 90/10, which is the best účinnost.Kmitočet 28uF capacitor is set up and should move from the base frequency 8Hz hydrogen to higher harmonic (16.24, ...) max.však 80Hz.Vyšší frequencies then working with a splash of free electrons, which is composed of 10 000uF electrolyte and three diodes at the end of the transistor.


At first glance, the device seems very simple, but for me it always was, without large demands on technology. Dostupnost.Nikomu issues and perhaps there is no reason to have made several of these compact cylinders, production is not difficult, just a nylon sheet is be manufactured on a lathe, or the electrode can be used as a stud. Well, except for the connection of both power and space holes is basically what you suggested by Carl Cella. We once did tests and found that inside the inner tube - the involvement of the same polarity (-) on the inner electrode and (+) on the packaging - there is practically pure hydrogen and oxygen interspace only! Cella because pumping water over and over and it gets rid of oxygen in the tank. The advantage is then that it nebouchá! Once you do a oxygen away, if only half the gas you get affectionate with which it can be well treated.

Ivanov vyvíjač hydrogen 3

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Below is the involvement of the resonant circuit for use in our facility buňkách.Toto will indicate the full circumference of the rezonance.Potenciometrem M1 (frequency control) after switching on you slowly increase the frequency and simultaneously monitor the ammeter connected to the circuit to the electrodes. When increasing the frequency you will see that your current supplied to the circuit will slowly decrease until you reach the limit of your frequency generator and the entire system ceases to oscillate and the current falls to nulu.Takže, the best tuning is achieved when the lowest possible proudu.Každá cell is different and so too will have a different frequency. But this device do not ever deal with some frequency calculations, the device moves into resonance through the initial harmonics alone. Its frequency is usually between kolem20-30 kHz. It will be for each individual generator, but again, in this device, your cell frequency jumps alone. The exciters are used in the modern part, called. Mosfet Driver, indicating IR 2153 and completely excited you end the power transistors.
When you start the installation you will have such power to the cell 3A and achieve the highest possible flow rate will fall from 3 A to 0.8 A for the same evolution of gas at 3A. All diodes use the quick.

Still a little to the output circuit with a choke and a parallel circuit with a capacitor. choke is wound on Ferrite cores, diameter 7-9 mm, number of turns around the wire 140 preferably 1 mm (0.9). capacitor connected in parallel to the voltage filtering through the fast diode is the AC voltage around 275V. Use light bulb on the performance indicated in the diagram, but this value may vary according to design cells, at least you have a little glow. Tungsten is also used for visual inspection of the best adjustment, when the best tune in the whole circumference of the bulb and the greatest brightness the moment you stop and you increase the frequency of involvement naladěno.Toto I freed you all in good faith, it is easy to learn and to work with him as a layman . Compiled by Iv.