Saturday, 20 August 2011

Steven Mark TPU

Here is a colorized version of Otto's ECD diagram. I added a few I-flow lines in order to try to get my head around it to figure out what the collector Mobius coil is possibly doing.

At first glance it seems to be a capacitor that at the same time has a high speed rotating magnetic field being pushed by rapidly firing cannon control coils. Quite a strange creature.

There could be all kinds of unknown interactions taking place as high frequency electric and magnetic fields are potentializing and discharging. What happens if somehow capacitive field discharge and inductive field collapse occurs at the same time instead of 90 degrees out of phase. Can it be possible? Throw the orthodox textbook out the window and start over into a new realm of heresy?

If magnetic fields are being expanded and then collapsed before physical charges are actually able to displace through the coils, what kind of strange circuit behaviors would be seen? It is a mind-freak idea to think about.

I have begun ordering materials to perform my own replication/verification. I'm a robotics engineer by profession. I'll photograph and post my progress and results as it comes.

I've also attached the Otto-Roberto ECD V1 PDF english version for those having trouble finding it.


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